To assemble the panel, you only need standard tools. For example a jigsaw and a drill, metal drills and a box drill and measuring tools (folding rule, measuring tape etc.) and a pencil for marking. Do work in pairs, because for some activities a helping hand is needed to have a quicker success.

Please note: Some screws may be too short after installation, because the assembled system takes 10mm space. Because of this, keep several longer screws. The siphon that has been tight for years could leak after reinstallation. I unsuccessfully replaced several seals after installation and then bought a new siphon. Was better for the siphon and my nerves. Save yourself the hassle and rather buy a new one. This saves several routes to the DIY- store. The disassembly or reinstallation of electrical components such sockets and light switches, etc. should be done by an electrician.

Please install Deco Fix as follows: