This is a example for a modernisation on an old bathroom by using Deco Fix!

Duration was this nice bathroom, build in the 80th with a floral design and yellowed joints. Our wall panel should cover them up, but look yourself. Because this flat is rented, it was not allowed to do any structural changes. The owner offers to modernizise the flat by raising the rent + 235 EURO/month, because of higher comfort. So we decided to modernizise by ourself.

The toilet and washing area was in a bad condition and was not appetizing..

The bath and shower area wasn´t appetizing, too.

The entrance area was not a feast for the eyes either

Some holes of the old heating system, which was modernisized.

and the cutted fixing points of the ols heating system

and everwhere this ugly tills

window area after 1 hour

it´s amazing how fast the assembly is

remove heating system and reassabled very fast, because it´s winter time :-)

done, now the othe side

to be continued

remove the wash basin, fix panel and reassemble immediately now the toilet. It has to be quick, this is the only one.

now the toilet. It has to be quick, this is the only one.

And done. ready to use after half an hour :-)

Now the fireplace and doorside.

hard to believe it´s the same room

modern and chic and saves on heating costs, also. We are very happy .-)

Goodbye rent increase. We will get our money back in only 5 months.To move in an other flat is much more expensive