Why was Deco Fix developed? When I moved after a permanent job from another federal state back to Northrhine Westfalia, we didn't have the opportunity to renovate everything in my apartment. After we returned all rooms were renovated, except of the bathroom. A renovation with new tiles or glued plastic sheets wasn´t possible, because we have to use our bathroom while modernzation. Because of this reason, I developed Deco Fix and the pilot project was our own bath. Bathroom design without structural changes DIY without special knowledge, because I only have normal knowlegde and experiance of such projects.Deco Fix was developed for those requirements and exceeded all my expectations:- simple to install - can be dismounted and reassembled in the event of an accident (e.g. broken water pipe)- it should be significantly cheaper than installing by a specialist company- it should be removable without a trace when movining - the space should be able to be used almost 100% during the construction phase-- should be reusable as much as posibble

It never has been so easy to cover a wall, without strucual changings and everything can be removed without la trace.My home is my castle. This is the best way to describe our products. Deco Fix was developed for everyone who wants to achieve this goal quickly and easily. Please understand that we can´t offer hundreds of references build with this new system. The pilot project was buildin February 2019 and still looks the same today. Since then, other projects have been build successfully. We only changed the design completely, because the seamless system results in an offset of the pattern. It's only a matter of the look. Because of this reason, we switched to patternless designs.

Our productsWe always choose our products carefully, because we want you to have more comfort and satisfaction. If you have any questions or requests, please do contact us.

Our customersOur customers have a problem that can be solved quickly and easily with Deco Fix. Leaning walls and poorly tiled rooms will be history in the future. With our products you quickly create a comfortable home. Increasing quality of your life satisfaction is important to us.