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Deco Fix is ​​an innovative DIY system for quick and easy installation of wall covers. Seamless, waterproof, fire-reesitant, removable without a trace and saves heating costs on top. Depending on your living situation and wall surface, you can choose if you want to glue, install with profile claws and nails, or by using Deco Fix. Any questions? Give us a call on +49 2365-6994447 or send an email to kontakt@decofix.net

These designs are available. We chose lighter colors to get more friendly rooms and the rooms look bigger. Please don't forget to order the mounting material of your choice!

We will send free samples, if you´d like to have them. In that case, please send an e-mail to kontakt@decofix.net and tell us max. 2 designs and your address

Our wall panel are much more stabil, than panel of our competitors. You can drive over them and nothing happens. Don´t try it with other panel.

This is an example of an old bathroom.

It can look lke this..

or that..

.. or this design. Whatever your personal facorite is.

Here is an outdoor example. Because of the surface the wall panel are glued.

Here is the result after 3 days work. Looks grat, isn´t it and costs were 1.200 Euro.

Oblique walls or larger wall projections can easily be bridged with the balancing discs.

Example Terrace covering with slats

wall panel were mounted with claws and nails

and done on the same day

With our products you can design your personal bathroom, dining room, kitchen, cellar etc. according to your personel preference. The highlight is: Everything can be removed without a trace, when using Deco Fix!

While installing the room can be used completly with only minor restrictions. Here is an example:

Main benefits are:

Deco Fix® is a fast and easy installation system for wall panel ans wall plates

Deco Fix® can be mounted without having special knowledge and experience

Deco Fix® can be easy and quick dissambled and reassembled when having havaries

Deco Fix® is about 60% cheaper than installation of a specialist company, because DIY

Deco Fix® saves heating costs because isolation effect

Deco Fix® can be removed without a trace

Deco Fix® can be partially reused