Welcome to decofix.net

Do you have ugly, old-fashioned tiles, a lot of holes from the past and yellowed joints? Cover them by our panel and Deco Fix, because no structural changes are necessary and everything can be removed without a trace. There are three ways to fix our wall panel, glueing, by using claws or by using Deco Fix. So what are you waiting for?

These wall panel could cover your home in future! If you have any question, please do give us a call +49 2365-6994447, or send an email to kontakt@decofix.net

With our products you can design your personal bathroom, dining room, kitchen, cellar etc. according to your personel preference. The highlight is: Everything can be removed without a trace, when using Deco Fix!

While installing the room can be used completly with only minor restrictions. Here is an example:

Our panel are such stabil, you can drive with a car over them and nothing will happen

the panel can be used in- an outdoor, because they are made of PVC, waterproof and fire resistent

This is only an example for a bathroom before mounting our wall panel

and this can be the the result

ore like this

ore like this, depending from you own personel flavor

Main benefits are:

- simple and quick installation without knowledge and experience
- fast and easy disassembly and reassembly in case of accidents
- approx. 60% cheaper than building by a specialist company
- saves heating cost due to double isolation effect
- can be removed without a trace
- nearly a 100% of the space can be used during construction phase
- can be partially reused

And this is how easy it can be to clad your wall : cut wall panels to length, if necessary insert holes for light switches, sockets and supplys and disposal. At next remove the foil from the magnet and metal plate, stick to wall and panel and press them on. You will get a bathroom design without structural changes DIY. You will be proud of it.

Further information of installation and pictures can be found here. Are you moving and need to restore the apartment into original condition? No problem: disassemble the and end strips, remove Panel and Deco Fix easily with a spatula.

Are there any questions left? Do call us. Our phone number is: +49 2365 - 6994447, or send an e-mail to kontakt@decofix.net